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After the Cross

I encourage your to read Acts 1 along with this short devotional

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The ministry of Jesus Christ didn’t stop after the cross. For 40 days following His resurrection He showed proof and signs Himself alive to His disciples and encouraged them to share His testimony. Then, the disciples took time to gather and add Matthais into their group as a replacement for the trader, Judas. Once ready, they set out to spread the gospel and teachings of Jesus to all the world. Just as they continued their ministry to the share the word of God and salvation that is in Jesus Christ, we also need to continue on that same path following His example. No matter what trials or tribulations befall us, it is our responsibility to keep sharing Christ. We are allowed to take time recoup when things happen. We can heal, we can mourn, and we can take a little time getting back on our feet, but ultimately we need to return to the ministry. Many times it’s our personal trials and testimonies that help us to reach others who are suffering and in need of the Savior.

Whether people connect with the situation they see in your life and their own, or they are touched by the passion you have for Christ and how He heals you every day, your testimony has power to reach the broken and the lost. As a young teen growing up in a church and in a household that served Jesus, I didn’t quite understand what it meant to have a testimony. I was very young when I excepted Christ into my heart and therefore I had no “B.C.“ like others who excepted Him later in life. Now, as an adult, I can see that my testimony is my life and experiences that reflect Jesus‘s presence and His works within me. I can better share Him, by sharing with others how He has worked in my life, and the experiences I’ve had while knowing Him.

Your testimony doesn’t have to be the moment you excepted him into your life, rather, the moment that you realized He has changed your life. No, it doesn’t mean that you suddenly became a good person and you need to smother other people with that goodness, but that you have been sent on a mission to do His good works and share His love with others. As the end of days approaches, our focus should be on our walks with Christ and growing the church body. Whether we are in a traditional church, studying at home, attending underground Bible studies, or fearlessly stepping out into the streets to preach with Bible in hand, we are all tasked with sharing His love and His message of salvation with the world.

I encourage you today to share His love and mercy with others however you are able. Maybe that’s a social media post to spark a conversation, maybe it’s a piece of apparel sporting a Bible verse, or maybe it’s simply carrying your Bible into a gathering and asking out right if others believe in Him and boldly telling them who He is and what He has done for them. However you share his love and mercy with others, know that He is always with you, giving you strength, guiding you, I’m preparing a place for you in heaven.

I pray that you will have a blessed day, Little Sparrows.


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