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At the Well (Courage to tell the Truth)

“A woman of Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give Me a drink.””

I invite you to read John 4:1-26 along with this devotion.

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The woman at the well is a perfect picture of a life aware of God but living apart from Him. She had heard of the coming of the Messiah and knew He would come to teach the people one day, but like many, she was living in sin and did not know Jesus when He came to her. Oh to hear her thoughts that day, as He spoke to her of living water and and life eternal. Can you imagine? Did she wonder if the man she spoke to was of sound mind? Did she think perhaps because He, a Jew, was willing to speak with her, a Samaritan woman, that He was up to something?

Though the Bible doesn’t say how she felt or what she thought, at some point Jesus’ words stirred within her and she asked Him to share this living water with her.

I mean, who wouldn’t want eternal life? When one considers the finality that often accompanies the idea of death, fear of the unknown can be overwhelming. Death is not the end of life, but a continuation of life in God’s presence. Sin interrupts this plan and sets us off course, but God has already prepared a way for us.

This woman, who having had multiple husbands and was with a man who was not her husband at all, was a sinner just like us. Jesus saw through this woman and her sins and still showed her love. He offered her eternal life and she went in search of others to come hear His message. Am I sharing that message with others as she did? Am I sharing His love and grace with the people around me?

Jesus chose the woman at the well to carry his message into town. He could have used anyone but He chose her, a sinner, a Samaritan, a woman. These three things immediately disqualifies her in the eyes of the world in that day but in God’s eyes she was just right for His purpose. If you are a believer in Him, than He has chosen you too. You have the Holy Spirit within you and the grace of God upon you. You are fully equipped to share these with others no matter what you past may be or what struggles you have yet to overcome.

Though we may not always feel that we have enough courage or know enough of the Bible to minister to others, God gives us the words when the time is right.

If we put on the full armor of God and prepare ourselves for battle with the enemy, when the moment comes to share His love with the world, we won’t hesitate because we will be prepared. I pray today that you find courage like the woman at the well, to go out and share what you know about Jesus Christ our Savior, the Son of God.


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