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Eyes of the Blind

I invite you to read John 9;1-34 along with this short devotion

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The most people will never know or understand what it is like to be born without sight, those who are, may always dream of being able to see. For this man, Jesus healed him of lifelong blindness and he choosing faith, became a disciple, a follower and believer in Christ. Just someone who has never seen the world with their own eyes cannot accurately imagine what it looks like, one who is spiritually blind cannot imagine how it is to follow Christ and be freed by His grace.

As any exciting new believer tends to do, this man who had spent his whole life blind, ran into the town to tell others that he could now see and how Jesus had healed him. Although he explained the miracle that had occurred, the people did not believe him. Many mistakenly think that seeing something is believing it exists but the truth is that believing in something is the only way to truly see it. People will often believe a lie because it is easy. The eyes can be deceived but knowing the truth can protect the believer from the lies of the enemy.

The religious leaders of that day refused to see the evidence of the blind man’s healing that directly pointed to Jesus Christ as being the Son of God. Instead, they decided He was evil because they didn’t want to believe He was who he said He was. Because they refused to “see” the truth, they were deceived by the lies of the enemy. The blind leading the blind can be a very dangerous thing.

When the man said (verse 30) That Jesus had opened his eyes, he meant more than the healing of his physical sight.. He was now aware of the majesty of Jesus. He was awake to the truth of Jesus being the savior and God in the flesh. Not having the same faith he now possessed, those who questioned him could not understand him. As a believer in Christ and one who follows Him, I need to keep my eyes open. The lies of the enemy can not only blind us, but they can distract her eyes with fancy and attractive sites. Keeping my eyes on Him and my mind on the words he has given me (the Bible) is the only way to protect myself from the false and fake.

I pray today that you will all seek His word and focus your eyes on Him so that the enemy cannot trick you or blind you with fancy lies.


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