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How do I shine for Jesus when I’m struggling with my own faith?

Being a light to others isn’t always easy, especially when we are battling the enemy in our daily lives, but God is always faithful to refill my cup no matter how much the enemy drains me. (Psalm 23:5)

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“Let your light shine.”

This Christmas season has been like no other before it. With “stay at home” orders all across the world and families afraid or unable to visit each other, I find that many of us have gone above and beyond our usual efforts to bring on the Christmas spirit. Christmas decorations flew off the shelves at my local Walmart long before thanksgiving, as if the common thought was to end this year sooner by starting the Christmas season early. *chuckle*

I admit I was one of those early prep-ers but not as early as some. Having a chronically ill spouse, our last few Christmas’s have been a little sparse in the decor and jolly spirit departments. I purchased a ten-dollar sixteen inch Christmas tree from target two years ago and covered it in paper decorations and a few home made items from friends. That was the limit of my desire to decorate as well as an outward visual of my minimal desire to celebrate.

This year however, I couldn’t help wanting to do more decorations and spread a little cheer among the family. So, I pulled out my old six-foot white plastic tree (tacky, I know) and decorated it from top to bottom, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy me. Out came the little countertop tree I thought was enough the past two years and it too was decorated, only upon plugging in the string lights to my disappointment I found them not working. “Oh Pooh!”

So, off came the decorations. I replaced every questionable bulb on the tree and both fuses….NOTHING! Alright then, I'll just put all new lights on. Unstring the entire tree and replace with woking lights. Success, YAY! The now redecorated tree sat stop my table, fully radiant with Christmas spirt, until the next morning…when the lights were suddenly not working again. *Cue the furrowed brows*

Irritated by how much work I have already put into this little tree, I dismissed it and decided that one lit up tree was enough and this one could remain dark for the rest of the season. A few days later, I was sitting at my computer working on my blog and the little dark tree in the corner kept pulling at my attention. Staring at it, I realized that I had simply given up and walked away after one little trial. How hard was it, really, to put on a new string of lights? Not very. What if I did the same thing in my christian life?

"I hear you, Lord"

What if I let my light go out every time there was a trial and I missed an opportunity to show someone who doesn’t know Jesus, exactly how much He means in my life? A little annoyed with myself for allowing a little plastic tree to teach me a spiritual lesson, I realized it was actually that still small voice sending me a message. I need to keep the lights of my faith on no matter what.

He (Jesus) is the reason I have this life and the people in it. I need to hold on to Him and His promise of eternity without sorrow and suffering. What's more important, I need to show my faith to others so that they might learn of the same hope and find salvation in Christ Jesus.

If I encounter (I mean, when…WHEN I encounter) tribulations, I can’t just ignore the calling of Christ and let myself hide in a dark room. I need to shine like a Christmas tree and show others what an amazing God I have and how He has worked in my life. So, today I am encouraging you to let your light shine like a Christmas tree and let others see how much He means to you.

To remember this lesson wanted to share a little Christmas tree ornament cut pattern with my readers. I hope you all find joy this Christmas and allow your light to shine for yourself and others.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." -Matthew 5:16

For this project, I chose to use a cricut gel pen 1.0 for the first time. I was happy with the result of the pen though a little disappointed in my overall finished project. I tried several different ways to attach the two layers and ended with the best finished product after using Elmers Craft Bond Fine Pen.

I used some gold glitter glue to add a little sparkle and color and was much happier with the finished project.

As pictured above, my paper choices were

  • Jolly Green

  • Blush Red

Both by Darice Inc.

My project was cut on a Cricut Explore Air 2. No crafters were injured during the making of this blog. *Giggle*

Happy Crafting!


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