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Preparing for battle part 2 (Shoes of Choice)

“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;”

I invite you to read Ephesians chapter 6 along with this short study.

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The Perfect Pair

As I ready myself for the day, I put on my outfit of choice, comb my hair and clean my face. These are simple things every woman does before going out of her home. Those all of us must wear shoes, many of us chose carefully what footwear we will either suffer in for the duration of our outing or comfortably forget we are wearing while we go about our day. My choice of shoe is not only a sneak peek into my mood, but it can determine my level of confidence for that day.

If I choose a pair of sneakers, it says I'm feeling comfortable in my own skin today and no one can change my mind. If I choose a nice pair of flats or a casual boot, I'm telling the world I feel like dressing up and I need a little boost to make me feel confident. If I choose a pair of heels, I'm saying my confidence is waning and I need to feel a little prettier when others see me. No matter how backwards it may seem, the more thought I put into an outfit, the more extravagant my shoes, the more obvious the sign that I have less confidence in myself that day. I won't even get started on what it means when I wear makeup.*Smirk*

Thank the Lord that covering my feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace is not so complicated. Instead of displaying my confidence (or lack thereof) in myself, I can be confident that the gospel of peace is never changing.

Treading Carefully

Ephesians 2:17 reminds us that Jesus Christ preached the gospel near and far. In those days most traveling was done on foot and the footwear of choice was a basic sandal. Comfort and fashion did not play into the coverings for one's feet, only nessety to protect the body during travel. This basic piece of one's wardrobe was meant for one thing, allowing the wearer to cover more ground while keeping their feet safe from the pebbles and prickles of thorns in the dust beneath them.

The gospel of peace, the word of God, can be that same basic protective layer for all believers. Daily dipping in the word can add a layer of armor one cannot see on the outside but it brings a confidence within that cannot be shaken, because that confidence lies in the the power of the Lord and not in myself.

Somewhere to Go

If I am to live by the example Jesus set for me, I need to share that peace near and far just as He did. Therefore, I need to prepare myself with knowledge of the word of God so I can take it with me wherever I go.

As I spend my morning in fellowship with God and gleaning peace and truth from His word, He adds to me a spiritual confidence that I too can share near and far. So, no matter what shoes you and I chose to wear today, before leaving home, let's put on the preparation of peace and take the word ofGod out into the world with us.

Crafty time

Here is your craft link for the Armor of God (part 2) Bookmark. I hope this project will help keep in mind the the peace that God has given us and our need to share it with others. Happy Crafting!


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