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Preparing for Battle Part 6 (Speak Faith)

Speak faith

Is it possible to use my mouth as part of my spiritual armor? How can my lips protect me in battle? Understanding what a big part they actually play is important.

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Today I encourage you to read from Ephesian chapter 6 along with this short study.

As I work my way through Ephesians 6, learning and understanding each piece of armor I am instructed to put on, I come to the last piece and realize that this is perhaps the most forgotten and left out but of the utmost importance. Though the mouth may not be considered a piece of armor, it is an important piece in the completion of this ensemble. With my mouth I am tasked to share the gospel. I am to speak faith, speak love, and speak light to others.

It is with my mouth that I will tell others how I was saved. It should be from my lips that they hear the story of how the blood of Christ has changed my life. I hold a responsibility to share with as many as I can of the miracle of salvation and the hope of His grace. There may be times when my armor this weakened and I need others to come alongside and help me strengthen and recover. There may be times when I will put my own armor on someone else to protect them from the harsh blows of the enemy's sword. As believers we should come together, battle together, pray together, because it is when we are suffering, when we are broken, and when we are weakest that God reveals His strength and holds us up amidst the attack.

4 ways to use your mouth in battle...

  • Praying

  • Sharing your Faith

  • Encouraging the fallen and broken

  • Uplifting those who are suffering

With my mouth, I will release my battle cry by praying over the ones in need. I will whisper encouragement to those who are in pain and pray the Holy Spirit of God speaks from within me. I will show mercy to those who have shown no mercy to me, because this is what my God would do. With my mouth I will sing the praises of my Savior, the glory of His name, and the miracle of His mighty works. He has given me the ability to speak and I pray that He will help me to speak His love, His life, and His light forever more.

When you are putting on your battle armor today, don’t forget to be prepared to speak. Be ready to give your testimony at any moment. Be strong and knowing that the Lord will keep you the right words when the time comes. Have confidence in what you believe no matter who questions your faith. Be ready for the world to come against you and know that God is on your side when it does. If you have not yet seen the reflection of the enemy’s approaching sword, then pray for the other believers who have already met with opposition, who are already battling for freedom of religion, who are already dying for their faith. The world is making ready for war against the believers. If there was ever a time to be ready for battle that time is now.

Pray daily Little Sparrows


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