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The Spirit of No Fear (5 things to help me recognize the Holy Spirit's voice)

As the days drip drop faster down the drain like a leaky faucet, we progress closer and closer to the end of days. More than ever, we need to keep our eyes on the Lord and look for his coming, but in a world that is full of distraction and confusion, that task may not be so simple as it seems. Discerning what things might be from God and what might be a distraction from the enemy may not always be a simple task. The Lord knew we would need help, so he sent us the Holy Spirit to intervene and guide us.

I recommend reading John 14 along with this short study.

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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is more than a little whisper, though sometimes it may seem that He speaks to us this way. He does not appear on your shoulder opposite a devil-like character and tell you what things you should and shouldn’t do, nor is He a singing cricket that ever explains the obvious difference between good and bad in an animated and fallible form of conscience.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God living within us and guiding us down the path to follow Jesus. He is that unexplainable peace when the world around us is in chaos. He is the calm that surrounds us when the presence of fear is so strong it could break us. He is the feeling of remorse when we choose the wrong path and know that we need to confess and be forgiven. He is our companion when all is darkness, the light that never goes out in the world sold out to the enemy for a mere handful of silver.

1. Listen

When I am confused, the Holy Spirit teaches me. He instructs me in the way that I should go and the words I should say. Many times I have asked the Lord to speak on my behalf and He is faithful. I cannot tell you the words I have used to encourage others in the past, only the words the Holy Spirit spoke through me at the time. It is He who brings the words of the Bible back to my lips when I need to share them with others.

2. Be Still

Peace that passes understanding is a phrase many believers are familiar with, but until you experience it yourself you may not fully understand. It’s in the moments when we are expected to panic, to lash out in anger, or to cower in fear, that His peace surrounds us and brings a inexplicable calm. “Be still” whispers through our hearts and we simply know that the Lord is on our side.

3. No fear...

Fear is a face that wears mini masks. Though we may meet it on one day we might not recognize it on another. But, fear uses the same trick over and over, simply presenting it in a new package.

When I am afraid of something, that means I am allowing it to rule over me, and the only one who has that right is God. If I say I am afraid of that thing, or that situation, and then I am saying I don’t trust God to take care of it. Now, He may not always handle the situation the way we hope He does, His response is perfect and we should trust it.

For example:

4. No Idols

If I am afraid of losing someone and I lose them, it doesn’t mean God doesn’t listen. He knows what is best for me. was I perhaps putting that person in a position that they didn’t belong? Had they become an idol in my life? Did you know that people could become idols in your life? Anything you put in a place more important that obedience to God is an idol.

5. No Distractions

The point is that God should be first in our lives without exception. Anything that we allow to distract us or keep us in fear, turns our eyes from God. Listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit and let him guide you. Pray for peace that passes understanding when you are feeling lost, confused, or afraid. Though little singing crickets may say to let your conscience be your guide, instead let the Holy Spirit plan out your steps and follow them, for He is never wrong, and he will not lead you astray.

I pray you will seek direction from the Holy Spirit in your daily life and learn to follow Him. Have a blessed day Little Sparrows.



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