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Growing a garden with Jesus Day 2

Updated: May 14, 2021

Day 2 (3/9/21)

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Today didn’t quite start out as I had planned. I didn’t wake up early and ready to face the day with a smile on my face and a cup of joe in my hand. Instead, I was up all night and stayed in bed far too late hoping that “I think I’m getting sick” feeling would go away. A little after lunch time, I dragged my feet out of bed and my body followed them to the coffee maker. One hot cup later I was feeling a little better but still not ready to tackle anything too difficult. After finishing my daily devotion, the second half of a good movie and tamping down a decent meal, I figured I needed to either get started or go back to bed.

Onward toward the garden project. Though I didn’t spend much time working on it, I feel accomplished in the fact that the seeds have all been organized and planted in their perspective egg cartons. My #handmade (with the help of my Cricut Explore Air 2) labels are being put to good use and I was able to try out my brand new watering can. In fact, I may need to try something else for watering since I nearly drowned the egg-carton-seedlings in one quick swoop.

Introducing the spray-bottle-duo, just another handy thing I found while searching the isles at Walmart. It takes a little longer but has less potential of wiping out my baby crops in three seconds flat. This thought had me reflecting on how a flood can affect our lives as believers. I’m not talking about actual water-to-your-knees..or worse, kind of flooding, I mean spiritual flooding. Just how my #watering can, a tool meant to provide nourishment, could flood the little garden, there are things in my life that I might think are good for me but too much can actually do me harm. Is there something in my life that I have too much of and I need to let some go?

While me time is not a bad thing, too much focus on myself can cause me to think selfishly instead of considering others.

Concern for my family is important, but too much worry can make me lose my focus on God and my faith in Him to take care of them.

Too much of something is not always a good thing. Like the spray bottle does for my new plant babies, I need to be sure that I don’t allow myself to slip into bad habits that flood my life with undesirable outcomes. Whatever I’m dealing with, I need to take it one day at a time and Let God control the steps on the path ahead of me.

Well, I still have much to do and a plastic cover for my plant cart is next on the list but it will just have to wait for another day. I hope you all have a beautiful day and don’t forget to check in for “Growing a #Garden with Jesus part 3” coming soon.


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