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Growing a garden with Jesus day 1

Updated: May 14, 2021

Day 1 (3/8/21)

(Scroll to the bottom for your Free Plant Label Pattern in Cricut Design Space...)

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Today, after a scrumptious cup of coffee and my morning devotional routine, I decided it was time to start my seedlings for this year’s vegetable garden. I’ve always loved doing my devotions outside in the garden but I have to get one planted first. In the Bible, Jesus went to a garden to pray. Somehow I always feel closer to Him when I sit outside and breathe the fresh air, enjoying the wonder of creation around me. Though I’ve always loved having a garden and have had my own flowers and trees before, I have never had more than a few scattered vegetable plants to raise and put on the dinner table. This time I wanted "food" plants to be the focus of the garden.

Much like my usual fashion, I decided to start off in a grandiose way... I went to Walmart. Ha ha. You may laugh, but I really did. This being my first spring and summer in Kentucky, I honestly don’t know what to expect from the weather the next couple of months. If the first trip we made here was any indication, I can expect sudden downpours in the morning and steaming hot afternoons. Therefore, I have decided to start my garden on a metal cart that I can cover with plastic to keep out the crazy rain and roll in the house if that unpredictable snowy weather we had last month makes reappearance. I'm documenting this adventure just for you and I hope you will not only enjoy the process, but join me in creating a garden of your own. If you do, I definitely want to see your pictures.

Here we go... Once I had everything crossed off my list...

  • Cart...check!

  • Seeds...check!

  • Soil...check!

  • New watering can (I left my old one behind in Cali)...check!

...I was ready to begin.

I hate to throw things away. Yes, I am one of those people that save egg cartons and butter containers. (You wouldn’t believe how many possible uses I can find for an old spaghetti sauce jar.) Today, those egg cartons were in my plans. One utility knife and a small tack nail later, the cartons are all ready for soil and seeds. (I'll be posting a youtube video later to give you all a laugh about how surprisingly not-simple this task actually was.)

And this is where the praying comes in. Lord Give me patience to finish this project without losing my temper, getting a nail through my finger, or slicing something open.

This week’s top find at the local dollar tree was a 10 pack of plant labels guessed it... one dollar! Of course I had to get two packs. A quick trip to the craft room and (three hours later) I had custom made plant labels that, I hope, are all spelled right and a headache from repeatedly messing up the settings on my Cricut machine.

  • 1st fail: I set the wrong pressure.

  • 2nd fail: the blade didn’t cut all the way through. (Replace blade and test cut)

  • 3rd time is the charm right??

Wouldn’t you know it...all I needed to do was replace the blade and everything worked out fine the third time around. *face palm* my poor Cricut Air 2 take such verbal abuse from me and never complains. Well I complained...a lot. When I realized the font I chose was too delicate for the size of my project...and another one bites the dust. *sigh*

During cut number four, my mind wanders to how nice it would be if I could get one of those brand new mug presses Cricut just came out with last week. I guess I should start saving my pennies for that. Lol.

Finally, the labels are cut and in place. So, what’s the next step? Well, I ran out of daylight while filling the egg cartons with soil so I believe the next step will have to wait for tomorrow but at least I made it this far.

Here’s to tomorrow’s adventures, little sparrows.

Crafty Time:

Here is the link to my UPDATED plant labels. I chose to put them on with red vinyl because I had some laying around. You can change the patter to print or write to fit your project as you please. Happy crafting!


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