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Surviving the last days (Chapter 8)

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Facing the coming destruction

Before I go into this chapter, I like to remember that though these things will happen and nothing I can do will stop them, the Lord has been gracious enough to warn us of what is coming. As believers, we need to heed these warnings. It can be a bit of a downer chapter as we read of the destruction that will happen on the earth but we are not to focus on the destruction. I am reminded that we are supposed to be thinking on love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness and so on. Even though we need to be aware of what will occur in the end times and we should not omit the book of revelation from our studies, we also should not allow ourselves to entertain depressed thoughts by focusing on the sadness. Little sparrows, don’t let the enemy keep you from the joy that is salvation.

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A believer I spoke with quite recently told me that many people don’t enjoy reading the book of revelation because of the horrors we find there. I’ve never felt this way myself but knowing that others do, I want to encourage you. We must remember not to ignore the bits of the Bible that make us uncomfortable. If you are a believer, when you choose to follow Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior it’s all or nothing! You believe every word of the book of God, which means you should study every word or, you believe none of it. Being a believer is not cherry picking, It’s surrendering yourself and your earthly desires to God and trusting that every word He has given us has meaning and we should be in that word daily, drawing closer to Him.

Read chapter 8 of Revelation along with this study.

I’ve heard the argument that the Bible has been altered from it’s original writings over the years and multiple translations. Remember, sparrows, that our God is almighty and nothing we can do will alter His plans for us. Do you also remember how much he cares even for the little sparrows? The name of this blog was chosen for the purpose of reminding myself and my readers just how much He truly cares for us. This is all fact enough for me to believe He will give the same care to His written word as He does with His children and the little sparrows.

Now, as we open the chapter, the very first verse mentions silence in heaven for about half an hour. Nothing is written in the Bible without significance and I believe this 30 minutes of silence is very important. We are told in the scripture that heaven is a place of worship. In the previous chapter, verse 10-12, a multitude of people cried out with a loud voice in worship. This doesn’t seem to be a quiet place but instead one filled with joyous song and thanksgiving.

This chapter is one of destruction. These angels are given permission to unleash horrors upon the world, When a third of the vegetation is burned, and a third of the sea becomes blood destroying not only creatures in the sea but ships upon it, then as a star burning like a torch falls from heaven it says one third of the waters become wormwood. Then as we continue into the last two verses a third of the sun is struck and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, creating a darkness on the world in the day and the night. And we are left with a warning of the next three trumpets that will sound.

Though there are many who may not want to read the book of revelation because of its horrors, we as believers need to be prepared with answers for the unbelievers. Though I believe the church will be taken up in the rapture before the truly tribulation begins on earth, my friends and family who do not believe and will be left behind need to know what to expect. None of us can ever really know another person‘s heart. We wish to believe the best and hope that all of our loved ones are saved, but the book of revelation was given to us as a warning and I believe that warning should remind us to prepare the family members who may or may not be rapture along with the church. Mothers, prepare your children. Daughters, prepare your friends. Believers, share the truth with those that you love and others So that they may come to know our God before the tribulation and be spared these tragedies.

I encourage you today little sparrows to pray for those you love, to encourage them in the ways of the Lord and to prepare them as much as you can. May to have a blessed day!



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